The Crisis for the Orphaned Children of Ukraine

The soldiers, the barricades, the guns…. it’s incredibly distressing. Imagine being an orphaned child being separated from family, placed in an institution and all that entails… and now being told to flee for your life from bombs in the sky… not knowing where you are going…. who you are going with… or what is around the next corner. The amount of trauma for the orphaned and vulnerable children of Ukraine is unreal. It’s devastating!

New Horizons for Children is on the ground working with orphanages and boarding schools all across the country. The risks and challenges for moving these vulnerable young people require teams of trusted adults. In Ukraine, we are partnering with Aerial Recovery, to help safely move children west. As these guys travel in, they are also taking supplies for those not evacuating. In neighboring countries where kids have gone, we are checking in regularly and providing whatever help is needed alongside the locals who are showing tremendous compassion and care.

However, it has become quickly apparent that what we are doing is not enough. There are still boarding schools and orphanages needing help to evacuate safely. Our plan now is to create a safe space to gather these children and provide shelter, food, medical care, and other resources right here in Ukraine close to the border. This relocates everyone to a safe place, yet limits the trauma of moving children so quickly to a new country and system of care and keeps them with their known caregivers. While leaving the county is the goal for some, others do not want to leave the country. They just need a safe and secure place to come with their staff and children.

To that end, New Horizons for Children, in partnership with Aerial Recovery, Global Empowerment Mission, and the authorities in Ukraine have formed an agreement to build a safe haven for orphaned and vulnerable children in Ukraine. Think of it as building a village of orphanages. We will secure the buildings that can serve the need and then outfit them like small dormitories. Each facility will be prepared with bedding, food, medical supplies, and other resources for caring for the children. These safe havens will allow for immediate help to the kids and caregivers arriving daily and will continue to meet the needs of vulnerable kids and young adults moving forward.

Project Safe Haven has become much larger than what we originally thought, but God has provided the awareness of the need and the partnerships necessary to make it happen. But, we need our community around the world sharing in this effort. Everyone has a part to play. Please encourage your church, your friends, and your neighbors to join in the efforts to help create this safe haven.


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