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Host a Chaperone

Thank you for your interest in being a host to a chaperone. It is an excellent opportunity to have fun learning about a different country, culture, and language.

If you have been considering hosting a child, this is a wonderful way to get a “taste” of what hosting is about. A way to ease into the program and get a feel for it without a 4 to 6 week commitment.

Chaperones are guests in your home and will need their own bedroom. A bathroom can be shared. Treat them as if they are a member of your family. You will need to provide meals for them. Don’t be afraid to introduce them to new foods. Also, they often like to introduce you to their country’s cuisine, so please take them shopping and let them cook you a feast! View it as a vacation without leaving the comfort of your home. The chaperones drink black or herbal tea, lots of it, so stock up!!

You do not need to be with them constantly. A lot of parents work but plan an outing or two with them on weekends if possible. They cannot drive so yes, transportation needs to be provided for them. Depending on the concentration of host children in the area, the families of these children will probably take them for a day outing. Some are here to rest while others want to experience everything. You just never know. 

They will need a Wi-Fi connection or access to a computer if they don’t have one to contact their family and orphanage. 

Some chaperones speak English and some don’t so have a translation program available. Google translate is one, but there are others out there, and they are free.

You can host for 1 week up to all weeks during the hosting period. There are occasions where a chaperone and their host family can bond and not want to be moved. We address these on an individual basis when they come up.

There is no charge to host a chaperone, aside from providing for their basic needs.

To learn more, contact NHFC by sending an email to