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Do you have a love for orphans but can’t go away on a mission trip? New Horizons for Children brings the mission to you. Christian families can host an orphan in their home for 5 weeks this Summer. Photos and bios are now available online. Prayerfully consider inviting an orphan from Latvia or Ukraine to spend time with your family this Summer. If you are willing to be an orphan’s family for just 5 weeks, contact New Horizons for Children at 678-671-2279 or

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2,000 Orphaned Children Have Experienced Family Through New Horizons For Children

Acworth, GA, 9/12/2012 — As New Horizons For Children prepares for its 21st hosting session, they are celebrating not only their 10 year anniversary as an organization, but also this upcoming host period will mark their 2,000th hosted child. NHFC is an international faith-based hosting organization which brings over orphaned children from Eastern Europe to America twice a year for a 4-6 week period to share with them the love of God and the love of a family as well as teaching them life skills, valuable English language, and providing dental and eye care and a suitcase filled with clothes, shoes, and personal necessities.

The NHFC interview team travels to Eastern Europe twice a year to identify orphaned children who are resilient enough for the program and who could most benefit from the experience. Families nationwide host these children in their homes and give them a window into a loving, stable, Christian family in America. For some children, it is their first glimpse of what a healthy relationship can be. The program greatly increases their self esteem and leaves a lasting impact on their lives.

Without intervention, upon aging out of the orphanage system in Eastern Europe, 60% of the girls will end up in forced or voluntary prostitution. 70% of the boys will end up on the streets or in jail. 15% of the children will commit suicide within the first two years on their own. However, one person can revolutionize the life of a vulnerable child and plant seeds of hope in them for a better future. Many previously hosted children have been given the tools needed to overcome these odds and create a more healthy future for themselves, simply because a host family took them in for a month and poured into their lives.

If you would like to know more about this program or how you can bring the mission field to your own living room, contact New Horizons for Children at 678-671-2279 or

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