Extending the love of God and changing lives

Since 2005, New Horizons for Children has been extending the love of God to vulnerable and orphaned children around the world. NHFC partners with local child care entities and governments in Ukraine, Latvia, Haiti, and Kenya to help provide for the basic needs of children in state care and offer trauma-informed education and resources for their local caregivers. 

NHFC’s programs include an established network of families in the U.S. who are trained in trauma-informed caregiving and who open their homes to orphaned youth from Eastern Europe to participate in a cross-culture educational family experience that lasts 4-6 weeks. NHFC also provides an international mentoring program for vulnerable children with U.S. families as well as other opportunities to build into the lives of these children. Through building and extending healthy relationships, NHFC exists to put God’s love into action and to show children their incredible value, purpose, and hope for a bright future. 

Since 2014, NHFC has been led by Dr. Sherri McClurg who is a licensed psychologist specializing in trauma-informed care of adolescents. Due to the organization’s proven history supporting orphaned and vulnerable children in various countries, NHFC currently is centering its resources and efforts in Ukraine.

NHFC is working in partnership with local government entities to resettle Ukraine’s orphans to safe regions within the country. Currently, NHFC is helping to provide over 26 safe havens where roughly 2,000 children and their caretakers have been supported and re-established residence during the war. NHFC is also facilitating partner organizations to provide educational resources, healthcare, and basic needs for these young Ukrainians to live a safe and productive life. These efforts are reducing risks of human trafficking, preserving Ukraine’s future generation, and providing a sense of safety for the children by delivering a familiar culture, education, and ongoing care through existing relationships with caregivers.








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