Short-term missions

Do you want to live out your faith in an extraordinary way and serve God abroad? Are you ready to be stretched and get out of your comfort zone knowing God is going to use you to reach others with the gospel? If so, join NHFC for a short-term mission trip and make a real and tangible difference in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children.

These trips are for a small team of volunteers to come serve at the invitation and request of the orphanage directors that we serve. These are not tourist trips but real work and service. Our role is to help the director and caregivers in whatever ways are most supportive for them and beneficial to the children in their care.



Kenya 2022 Dates Coming Soon!

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What is the Need?

There are orphans all over the world experiencing neglect and poverty, who are deprived of a quality education, healthcare, resources, and more importantly, a healthy family sharing the love of God. NHFC partners with our orphanages in Latvia, Ukraine, and Kenya to bring mission teams to support care of the children and share God’s love. Our goal is to “serve as needed” and support those on the ground doing the work day to day. We want to make a positive impact on the caregivers, bring hope to the children, and leave knowing that all have been nurtured and lives improved because we were there.

What can I expect?

During the trip you will experience the culture, food, and community firsthand. Different trips require different levels of commitment with some being more mentally and physically challenging than others. The different food, a variety of bugs, lack of showers, lack of electricity, or lack of comfortable bedding can be overwhelming. You will be immersed in the lives of the caregivers and children working alongside them in their environment which is far more impoverished than what you have likely experienced in the USA. In addition to bringing needed supplies, we share the love of Jesus through our words and actions and by doing Bible stories, crafts, and games that share the gospel while helping the children develop various skills. We also support the work happening in the orphanage by doing small improvement projects, cleaning the building/grounds, or assisting with other similar needs. The needs addressed on each trip differ and the amount of time spent with the children vs. working on projects will vary. The goal is to come alongside those providing the care and support where we are most needed. Each trip will vary as needs change.

Whom do we serve?

Ultimately our trips are about serving God. We are going to places where we have clearly felt him call us to go and take a team. On our trips, we meet the children and caregivers where they are at and build into their lives both physically and spiritually. You will meet and serve families and children living in poverty with varying degrees of delays, disabilities, and/or medical conditions such as HIV/AIDS.  Often, many of the adults we work alongside have never accepted Christ themselves and grown up with hardship. We are there to serve both the children and their caregivers. Sometimes hygiene, behaviors, and interactions may be less than what you are accustomed to in your own experience. But we know the lives of the children and adults, as well as those of our team members, are changed forever when we take the time to step out of our world and into theirs and share the love of God. Our goal is not about our experience, but rather coming alongside those we serve, to help fill their needs as determined by the orphanage director. Our trip is meant to support their work with the children, not to disrupt their work.

How do I prepare?

Your trip will challenge you to understand a world outside of yourself and your comfort zone. NHFC will arrange your cross cultural training, travel logistics, accommodations and much more. You will be guided through trip preparation – such as passports, visas, and immunizations (if necessary) and you will need to meet certain deadlines. We will provide travel trips and packing ideas. NHFC will do our part to help you prepare emotionally, spiritually, and physically, but there are always risks, and we encourage you to read up on travel to the region where you are going and what you can do to also help prepare yourself for such a trip. Our experienced team leader will be on the trip with you to provide direction and guidance from day to day. The team leader works with the on-site staff to determine the needs of each day. You will need to be flexible and trust the process. Be ready, willing, and open as God leads the team.

Who can apply?

The trips are physically challenging and there is not easy access to good medical assistance or handicap accessibility. In order to go you must be in good physical health, be able to walk a long distance without assistance, able to climb stairs carrying a small load, and you should not be taking a medication that requires any type of special care such as refrigeration.

Kenya: Applicants must be 18 or older, or teens who have previous experience with NHFC, who have accepted Christ as their Savior, and agree with NHFC’s Statement of Faith. This trip is strenuous on the body and the mind given the level of poverty and disease, required travel, limited food options, and remoteness in country.

(Currently not available) Latvia and Ukraine: Open to individual adults over the age of 18 who have accepted Christ as their Savior, and agree with NHFC’s Statement of Faith. In addition, children 13 and older may apply to come with their parent.

When are the trips?

We are now planning and preparing for Kenya 2022 (Dates Coming Soon!). This is an amazing trip, but well out of the American comfort zone. The teams will fly to Nairobi and then bus to a desolate bush region about 6 hours from Nairobi. The team will spend 4-5 days at the orphanage and will spend the nights at an extremely basic hotel in the village. Often there is no water or electricity. At the orphanage, the team will be doing crafts, Bible stories, playing/interacting with the children, and assisting with small projects around the center. There is no electricity or running water at the orphanage. Bottled drinking water will be provided. Prior to going, the team will meet via video conference to pray, be trained, and prepare for this trip. At the end of the trip the team will return to Nairobi for a day of debriefing and optional sightseeing.

What are the costs?

Team members raise 100% of the funds for the mission trip. Most members cover their fees by raising support from their church, family, and friends. NHFC will provide you with a fundraising page to share on your social media. The donations for flights and mission trip go directly to NHFC and are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Excursion fees are leisure travel and not tax deductible.

3 Fees:

  1. International Airfare Costs: varies by city (ranges $1,000 – 1,300) you can book on your own, or have NHFC to do it for you and then you pay NHFC the cost.
  2. Mission Trip Fees: $1,700
    1. VISA and Travel Insurance $100
    2. Lodging (Nairobi and Mutomo), water, and meals $700 (individual rooms are additional cost)
    3. Airport Shuttles, In-country Transportation and Fuel $400
    4. Supplies and project fees (past supplies include VBS supplies, clothing, milk/food, Bibles, school items, etc.) $500
  3. Excursion Fee (Optional and adds a few days to the trip):  $500. Includes additional time for lodging, meals, Souvenir Shopping, and excursion to overnight at the Massai Mara for a evening and morning safari run and staying one night at the safari lodge.

Additional costs not included:

  • Immunizations: Covid 19 (Required), Yellow Fever (Required), HepA, Typhoid, Meningitis, and Tetanus (Strongly Advised)
  • Malaria pills for the trip
  • Personal traveling supplies if desired
  • Personal expenses you incur for getting to your local airport, eating at airports, requesting a private room, additional sight seeing, souvenirs, phone sim card, or other items not detailed above purchased at your discretion.

What happens if Covid-19 shuts down travel? This is a missions trip. Lord willing we travel, but if for some reason travel is shut down, we will still be providing the resources to the orphanage. Any collected fees will go to care for vulnerable kids. Flight fees will be refunded if you purchase a refundable ticket (that is your choice). Excursion fees will not be collected unless the trip is a go.

How do I Apply?

Space is limited on each trip. There is only one rented van to go from Nairobi out to the bush. Within 10 days of submitting your application you will be notified about whether you have been selected for the trip, declined for a particular reason, or placed on the waiting list due to no remaining slots. If selected for the trip you will need to pay the $250 non-refundable deposit within 3 days to hold your position and then continue to meet each of the timeline requirements in preparation for the trip. Any missed deadlines may result in your space being given to another applicant. All travel and mission trip fees paid are considered a donation to NHFC and are non-refundable.

Kenya 2022 – Dates Coming Soon

Deadline for applications is TBD. Space is limited. Click here for application


  • Deposit of $250 within 3 days of notification of receipt and acceptance of application
  • Flight need to be in place by June 15th or money provided to NHFC to purchase with the team. (cost varies by city and determined at time of booking)
  • Immunizations and visa completed by August 15th
  • Remaining mission fees due by August 15th

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