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NHFC exists so vulnerable children may experience the love of a host family and the love of God. Once a child is hosted and returns to their orphanage we hope the host family is able to stay connected and be a positive influence for Christ in the child’s life. Many children, however, are not chosen or not eligible to participate in hosting, and we want to make as much impact for Christ as we can. NHFC wants to reach the hearts of orphans—and their caregivers—for Christ.  Being His hands and feet through a continued investment in their practical needs is a tangible way to do this. The Orphan Care Fund allows American families to continue to have an impact on their host children’s lives, and for the needs of other orphaned & vulnerable children who are not able to participate in hosting, by providing in practical ways for their needs.

Throughout the year, NHFC will intentionally work with orphanages or foster homes with whom we partner for hosting to identify specific needs that improve the quality of life for the children. We will then use funds to make those purchases to the orphanage on behalf of the families and friends of NHFC. 100% of the money raised for the Orphan Care Fund will go towards purchasing and delivering the items.

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