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Give the Gift of Love

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love.  A day to tell your dear ones how much they mean to you.  A day to count the ways that they have changed your life.

Not all of us have significant others, but we have family—mothers and fathers, siblings and friends, some with us and some gone from our lives—and all of them mattered.  All of them made a difference in helping us become the people we are today.

But what if you didn’t have anyone to celebrate?  What if you had no one to love you?  No one to tell you the ways you matter?

This Valentine’s Day, consider showing your love by donating towards a scholarship for hosting an orphan this summer.  Instead of asking for flowers or candy or jewelry, sign up for the photo listing and select a child to sponsor.

Give the gift of love this Valentine’s Day.

Scholarships make a HUGE difference—80% of the children with a scholarship are chosen for hosting.  What is a $10 box of candy, or a $25 bouquet of flowers compared to helping someone else know that they matter and that they are loved?

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, New Horizons will double any scholarship donation of $25 or more for unmatched children.  DOUBLE your gift of love February 13-16, 2014.

Scholarships help change lives.  Please give one today. 


“Someone made a $500 donation scholarship to our host daughter before we were matched with her. That donation spurred us to choose her from the 2-3 girls we were Juliestill praying about. We are now pursuing her adoption to be her forever family. Your gift got that moving. We are so grateful for your generous gift that allowed us to meet her. The other girls we were praying over were all hosted and are in process to be adopted at this point, too. Maybe that would have happened under different pairings. The fact is that this arrangement of children and families was tipped and guided by your act of kindness. Thank you and God Bless!” –Rob and Julie, New York
“We waited until the final hours…literally three hours to go until matching ended.   If our boys didn’t Chelseyhave a scholarship, we NEVER would have been able to host both of them. I was only looking at hosting one child…..then my TWO boys had a scholarship that made them an option.   To think–money almost kept us from having the most amazing 4 weeks.  I’m so grateful to the donors for contributing and believing that these boys needed a family.” –Bobby and Chelsey, Wisconsin
“Hosting was a stretch for us financially. We stepped forward with hopeful hearts. But when our chosen host child was unable to come, we gave away our gathered funds to others so that they would find a family. THEN we found the Suzan2child that God had for us…but we had no money. The beauty of scholarship money coming in at the “last minute” from people that we had never met in person, but who shared a passion for these kids and love for Christ, was like a heavenly nod of approval. It was the encouragement we needed to go on. Thanks to those gifts, we enjoyed the most amazing summer and are on the way to bringing our host child home forever!! Each of you who gave made that possible. Please don’t underestimate what scholarships of any amount can do for a child or for a potential host family.” — Bryan and Suzan, Maryland
“We were considering hosting a set of three siblings a second time.  The thought of paying the hosting fees for three children again was a bit overwhelming. It Melodywas the biggest obstacle in our decision. We contacted NHFC, and they offered us a partial scholarship.  This brought a sense of relief to us and was the encouraging factor that helped us make the decision to host again.  After that hosting, we committed ourselves to adopting them and now are waiting on travel dates to bring them home.  We are so appreciative of the help we received from them.  It helped make our decision a whole lot easier!” –Wendell and Melody, Ohio
Lori“We decided to host on one of the last days possible. Our two host children had a scholarship, and that played a part in our decision to host them. We would have hosted regardless, but since we were paying for two children instead of one and the cost was doubled, it helped us decide to host a sibling group.”–Dan and Lori, Pennsylvania
“We were only able to host because someone who had met our child on a mission trip chose to offer him a hefty Stacey2scholarship on the very last day of matching if someone would agree to host him. That was the push we needed to say yes. Our host son was amazing. He was so incredible, in fact, that people were falling in love with him everywhere. Because of that scholarship, we were able to help him find his forever family and now he is an orphan no more.” — Peter and Stacey, California

THIS WEEKEND ONLY! All scholarship donations of $25 or more given February 13-16, 2014 for children not yet on hold or being rehosted by the same family will be doubled.   Click here to donate.

Dr. Sherri McClurg

Dr. Sherri McClurg serves as the CEO and oversees operations. Sherri has a doctorate in clinical psychology and worked for many years with youth who have experienced trauma. She has a private practice and also serves with Maxwell Leadership on the President’s Advisory Council.

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