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by guest blogger Melody B

Many of us can remember the dilemma of being chosen – or not – when we were lined up for the ritual of choosing teams.  There were two “captains” and the rest of the group just waited to be chosen, hoping – and praying – that we would not be the last one chosen.  Everyone wanted to be chosen first.  And that just couldn’t happen.  The good athletes seemed to always be chosen first.  Then by the end, the little ones with not much athletic skill were finally called…. Everyone wanted to win, so there was jockeying going on trying to choose the best team that could win.  The “captains” tried to call out the names of those who would help their team to success. Except for one – there was one boy who saw things the rest of us didn’t.  He chose the little ones first – the ones who didn’t seem to have a lot of talent, who always got chosen last.  And something amazing happened.  His team usually won.  There was a transformation in these kids that was a sight to behold – they rallied, they worked, they were energized, and they were successful because someone believed in them enough to choose them first – not the usual last.

We all want to be chosen – whether for the promotion, employee of the year, the first violin seat in the orchestra.  There is a secret – well, not really a secret – but many people don’t know it.  We’ve all already been chosen by Jesus – our strength and our redeemer.  He chose us.  He continues to choose us, and we must tell others they have already been chosen.

The young people on the host list– all of them want to be chosen.  They want to know someone would choose them to be hosted – choose them to be a part of the summer hosting family.  And they need to be chosen – because they need to be told that Jesus chose them long before they were born.  He chose them at the cross.  Many want to host, many can’t host.  But many can provide a way for them to be chosen financially.  Would you choose today to help one of the kids on the listing? Your gift would provide scholarship money to help another family choose to host them.


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Dr. Sherri McClurg

Dr. Sherri McClurg serves as the CEO and oversees operations. Sherri has a doctorate in clinical psychology and worked for many years with youth who have experienced trauma. She has a private practice and also serves with Maxwell Leadership on the President’s Advisory Council.

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