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At the End of the Rainbow

This weekend, New Horizons for Children is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by filling up a pot of gold!

There are still many children on our photolisting who have not been chosen for this summer’s hosting.  All of these children want to come to America.  Some of them want to learn to swim; others want to ride a bike for the first time; still others wish they could try out a roller coaster.  All of them want to experience a family.

This weekend through St. Patrick’s Day, generous leprechauns will double your gift! 

If you place a scholarship on a child not yet matched with a family, your gift will be doubled. 

Turn your $25 into $50, your $100 into $200, just like magic. 

All donations up to $500 will be doubled on any child not yet matched.    The goal is to raise $10,000 by midnight EST on St. Patrick’s Day.

Click here to donate.

Will you help these children chase their rainbow to America this summer?


Dr. Sherri McClurg

Dr. Sherri McClurg serves as the CEO and oversees operations. Sherri has a doctorate in clinical psychology and worked for many years with youth who have experienced trauma. She has a private practice and also serves with Maxwell Leadership on the President’s Advisory Council.

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