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I Found Love: Stories from Host Children

The days are dwindling for summer matching, and 160 children are still waiting to be chosen by a summer host family. Chosen. It’s a word we hear often, but do we really understand what it means? Several children who have been hosted through New Horizons stepped up and agreed to share what it really means […]


The Joy of Uncomfortable Love

By Hyacynth Worth If I’m being completely honest, I wasn’t completely comfortable with the thought of hosting an orphan in our home for a month. And if I’m continuing in honesty, I’m still not completely comfortable. Hosting asks a lot of us. It asks us to trust in God’s tug on our hearts and in […]


Unexpected Blessings

By Marty Shoup Hosting experiences come in all shapes and sizes.  We plan and pray, but the reality is the Lord’s…and it is always far better than what we could have imagined. Our first hosting was in the summer of 2011.  And it was… ok.  Not great, not bad. Just ok. But overall, it went […]

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