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On Stretching Our Dollars: #GivingTuesday

It has come upon us again: the time of year when we give thanks and then go shopping.  My internet surfing has been inundated by Black Friday deals extended for a few more days, Cyber Monday discounts piling up, and Facebook countdowns of the number of shopping days until Christmas. It is easy to get […]


Love Isn’t

By Guest Blogger Hyacynth Worth Love isn’t always an easy road; but it’s always a worthwhile one. Just ask Jesus. God knows where each of us would be without His extravagant love that came all the way down from His high place to dwell among us. God knows where we would be without Immanuel, without […]


Not Fixed, But Changed

“I change after America.” She tells me this in the midst of catching up on her life: her friends, her activities, where relationships stand. I am surprised. She puts on a tough exterior, this girl of mine.  Heavy matters are dismissed with a shrug, everything is “whatever,” and life is transient.  This girl, surrounded her […]

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