Sharing Jesus, Changing Lives

Most established faith based orphan hosting program in the United States


       Since 2002, thousands of orphans have been hosted through our ministry, matched with Christian host families throughout the United States.  Families (like you!) invite an orphaned child from Latvia or Ukraine to join your family for a 4-6 week hosting season (Summer or Christmas). Being included as a member of your family and receiving unconditional love gives an orphaned child HOPE for a better future. Learning that God loves and cares for them gives them the promise they are never alone.

     This can be a life-changing experience for orphaned children who have never been a part of a loving, functional family. And at their age, 7-18 years old, they are the least likely candidates to ever be adopted; most believe they are unwanted and have no hope of ever knowing life in a real family. During their visit, host families teach these children English, life skills, and about the love of God. Host families lives are changed too! It brings the mission field right into your own home, neighborhood, and church. Share your heart with an orphaned child this upcoming host season!








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