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How Could God Use A Messy Family Like Mine?

By Hyacynth Worth I didn’t know how we would do it. Some days we had a hard time parenting two children. So adding two more children to our family seemed ludicrous. I vividly recall asking my husband why he thought we were qualified to parent two more children — two more children who had suffered […]


The End Has Come: Love Wins

Part 6 of the Featured Families Series The children on the regular program have returned back to their home countries, and their host families look around to realize how quickly these children became family.  Saying goodbye is hard, and they will be missed.  But no one has been unchanged from this experience.  One host mom […]

Pray 2nd

Comfort for the Hurting Heart

Part 5 of the Featured Families Series Throughout hosting, the children slowly reveal their lives and personalities, their hopes and fears.  Sometimes these reveals comes in exclamations; sometimes they come in long talks around the kitchen table; sometimes they come in angry shouts; sometimes they come in tears.  Being a host parent often means comforting […]

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