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Sharing Jesus, Changing Lives

New Horizons for Children exists so orphaned children will be hosted in Christian homes to experience the love of God

and the love of family, and be connected to a family for ongoing emotional and spiritual support.

For over 15 years NHFC has been caring for and supporting families through the 4-6 week mission from home hosting opportunity

as they step out in faith to answer God’s call to care for the orphan.





The End Has Come: Love Wins

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Part 6 of the Featured Families Series The children on the regular program have returned back to their home countries, and their host families look around to realize how quickly these children became... READ MORE

Comfort for the Hurting Heart

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Part 5 of the Featured Families Series Throughout hosting, the children slowly reveal their lives and personalities, their hopes and fears.  Sometimes these reveals comes in exclamations; sometimes they come in long talks... READ MORE

Unexpected Love

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Part 4 of the Featured Families Series Families are in the thick of hosting now.  Some days are hard.  Some days are full of joy.  And some days reveal the depth of change... READ MORE