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Pray 2nd

Comfort for the Hurting Heart

Part 5 of the Featured Families Series Throughout hosting, the children slowly reveal their lives and personalities, their hopes and fears.  Sometimes these reveals comes in exclamations; sometimes they come in long talks around the kitchen table; sometimes they come in angry shouts; sometimes they come in tears.  Being a host parent often means comforting […]

Davidson 2nd

Unexpected Love

Part 4 of the Featured Families Series Families are in the thick of hosting now.  Some days are hard.  Some days are full of joy.  And some days reveal the depth of change that hosting brings…both in these children, and in the hearts of the host families. Here is an update on what some of […]

Airport Arrival

Pleasant Surprises

By Josh Pray Part 3 of the Featured Families Series Week 2 of hosting is coming to a close.  Lives are changing and bonds are being built.  Josh Pray reflects today on what the first few days of hosting have been like for him as a first-time host dad. When my wife was pregnant with […]

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