Christmas is Coming…

It’s hard to believe, but Christmas is coming.
Don’t think so? Just go to WalMart.

chr lightsThe staff and volunteers of NHFC are elbow deep in the matching process for the upcoming winter hosting programs. We are now serving orphans from FOUR countries- Latvia, Ukraine, China and most recently, The Philippines and they’ll ALL be here for Christmas.

The good news: We’ve matched quite a few kids with host families. We’re REALLY excited about that!

The bad news: There are still A LOT of kids who need (yes, I said NEED) a host family this Christmas.

Matching for China and The Philippines ends in 2 weeks, Latvia and Ukraine a couple of weeks after that.

So what’s the big deal? It’s not like bringing an orphan over for Christmas is going to change the world, right? It’s a happy kind of life experience for them… presents, Christmas trees, caroling, cookies, maybe some snow….

Why should I pay for them to have a sweet little vacation when my kids are growing so fast they need new clothes every other week, the car needs new tires and we just had to replace the hot water heater?
Besides, we tithe at church, support the youth group as well as other local charities.

These kids are half a world away- why are they MY problem?
Where are THEIR paren……oh.

I can’t afford to send MY kids on a European vacation. Why should I spend my hard earned money on some kid I don’t even know?
If they’re so needy, where is their chur…… oh.

Look, our schedule is CRAZY over Christmas. We’ve got school concerts, parties, gift exchanges, family to visit plus family coming here. I just don’t see how we have time to spend on an orphan.
If they’re so lonely, where is their fam….. oh.

I admire what you’re doing, I really do. But it’s just not for me. I don’t think I could “love” a stranger. Especially one who doesn’t speak English.
This is someone else’s job. Not mine.

Besides, we kind of had plans to take a big family vacation this next summer. We can’t blow that money on a kid we don’t know. I mean, sure… if a friend really needed the money, I’d lend it to them… but they’d pay me back. And even if they COULDN’T right away… that’s different. It’s a friend.

I’m not here to cast stones.
I’m not here to lay a guilt trip on anyone.
I’m not asking you to blow your budget.
I’m not here to step on toes. Well, maybe just a little.

We have kids on the photolisting from all four countries who NEED to come for hosting. I can’t say it any plainer than that.

They NEED to come.
They NEED to be loved.
They NEED to see Jesus.
They NEED to be accepted.
They NEED to be blessed.
They NEED to be covered in prayer.
They NEED to be well fed and clothed.
They NEED to be safe.
They NEED to be chosen.
They NEED to be a part of a loving, functional family

Even if it’s only for 4-5 weeks.

Hosting is not for everyone.
But we have families who are ready and willing to host who can’t afford it all on their own.

Could you offer a partial scholarship on a waiting child to help get them hosted?

Could you sign up now for our monthly giving program and start building a scholarship fund for the summer 2014 host program?

Could your church or small group choose a child (or two or three) to place a partial scholarship on?

Hosting may not be for you.
Or it may not be for you RIGHT NOW.

Either way, you can still make a tremendous difference.

Don’t assume someone else will give.

You just may be the “someone else” God has in mind to help work a Christmas miracle.