God began writing a love story between the Hill family and Monta a few short years ago and little did any of them know, His fingerprints were pressed within their story like ink to a page. Lindsay Hill shared some special insight into this story of faithful prayer and God’s unfailing love.

In 2012 while perusing an online book fundraiser, Lindsay Hill first heard of New Horizons For Children and the mission to share the unconditional love of the Savior with orphaned children across the globe. The Hill family ultimately signed up to host a teen girl that same host season with the Lord’s leading. After hours of discussion with their regional coordinator they knew which child the Lord had prepared their home for. As part of the support NHFC supplies to host families, the Hills were added to a special, private page where current host families are able to share and go for insight, wisdom and prayer.  Upon joining the private page, Lindsay was able to connect with the fellow host mom that had hosted the online book sale and share with her that her family had been lead to host. Lindsay sent her a message and said, “Hey, I just wanted you to know that because you are hosting and posted these books online, our family found out about hosting and we have signed up to host.” Donna, the fellow host mom messaged Lindsay back and said it was wonderful to hear that they were hosting and they chatted about all God was doing in their families’ lives.  Donna asked Lindsay which child they had chosen to welcome into their home for Christmas. Lindsay shared the identification number of their host daughter.  Donna excitedly responded, “No way! I have been praying for that girl ever since we had access to the photolisting! She has really been on my heart. We would have hosted her if we weren’t hosting our host daughter. I have been praying that God would help her find a host family.”  Lindsay kindly shared, “well you are the answer to your own prayer. God used you and something small, a book fundraiser, to introduce our family to hosting and because you did that Monta has been hosted.  God answered your prayer through you!”

While not every host family is called to adopt and not every host child is able to be adopted, both Donna and Lindsay’s families went on to adopt their host daughters.  Lindsay told us that “the extra amazing layer of the story is, since we live in different states, we never had met. We were adopting from Latvia and they were adopting from Ukraine.  We met for the very first time in Frankfurt, at the airport. I didn’t even know they were on their adoption trip and they didn’t know we were in Latvia at the time. I was walking through the airport and I saw this lady.  I knew it was Donna, and when I walked up to her it was confirmed with a hug!”  There they were, all those months later, standing in a connection airport halfway across the globe meeting for the first time.  Two host moms that bravely followed the Lord’s call to love a child and welcome them in.  Two host moms that chose to be a living example of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There they sat, visiting for about an hour before they boarded flights that would bring their daughters home. Lindsay told us that, “every single bit of our relationship was God ordained. The amazing details were worked out by Him. It was amazing.  Donna’s prayers for Monta came to pass and we were able to host her through New Horizons and eventually go on to adopt her because of her prayers and God’s perfect timing.”

The Hill family continued on their journey home to the Midwest. Monta had one suitcase filled with every item she owned from her birth country. Most of it was clothing that had been provided for her during her years in foster care. One of the items, tucked in the suitcase, was a Latvian bible that someone had given her when she was a little girl.  In the weeks and months following their homecoming, Lindsay learned that one of the things Monta had done as a young girl, was started in the book of Genesis and underlined the word “God” because it stood out to her.  She saw the word capitalized and noticed that it repeated, again and again. Monta told her mom that she knew it had to be important.

Lindsay also found a lovely inscription as her fingers carefully turned the marked pages of her daughter’s Bible. The inscription read, “ Monta, may God always be your best friend and this book be important in your life. Joshua 1:8 With love, from your Sunday School.”  Lindsay learned that someone from a church near Monta’s home in Riga had given her the Bible that had made the journey home with her daughter. Someone had begun lifting their sweet daughter up to the Lord years ago. Someone had take the time to not only give Monta a Bible, but to write an inscription and her name inside.  Someone made sure she knew in even a small way, that she was cared for. They gave her this Bible not knowing that 5 short months later Monta would enter foster care. Lindsay realized that this Bible was evidence that there was someone praying specifically for Monta and they didn’t know, but God had heard their faithful prayers, and allowed other miracles to happen in her life. That because of their petitions to the Lord on Monta’s behalf, she was able to ultimately come home and have a family.


Today, Monta is a vibrant young woman.  She is a believer.  She definitely loves the Lord, and though she may not fully understand all of the miracles that took place to guide her life to her family, she knows He cares for her deeply.  As Lindsay spoke of Monta and her faith she shared, “ You know, I am able to see all of the miracles that took place.  The God orchestrated paperwork.  The fact that the day we signed up to host it was 5:00 on the last day.  We couldn’t decide.  However, God made certain that Monta came to the forefront and we knew that it was the right time and we needed to do it.  I know she loves the Lord and believes in Him.”

Lindsay went on to tell a recent story of Monta.  She shared that Monta was at work one fall morning and a coworker was talking about partying over the weekend.  Monta told her dad that she was happy she had the opportunity to say, “O, you shouldn’t do that.” The coworker said, “Are you one of those crazy Jesus people?”  Monta quickly responded, “Yeah, I am actually.”  The coworker went on to say, “Well, I don’t want to do that Jesus thing because then I can’t have fun.”  Monta confidently told him, “You can love the Lord and have fun because I do.  I can love Jesus and still have fun.”

You see because of the prayers, the faithful responses to God’s call, and the Hill family’s willingness to set another dinner plate at the table Monta has been blessed to learn of Jesus’ love for her and build a confidence in her identity as His child.

Here at New Horizons, we are grateful that the Lord chooses to use us to facilitate families in their ministry to the orphaned and vulnerable, but we hope this Christmas you see that every child can be empowered with prayer, and the unfailing love of Christ. When a family chooses to invite them in they are inviting in all the prayers poured over their sweet souls.

We know not every family can host.  We know not every family has the financial means to give. But, every child of God has a relationship with the King of Kings. A direct line to the Lord’s heart. Would you consider how you might be able to be used to empower a precious child of God this Christmas?  Would you consider giving, praying and inviting into your heart a child like Monta? Would you consider joining us in sharing The Perfect Gift this Christmas?