Several months ago God opened the door for us to build a friendship with a loving couple in  east Africa whose hearts  for orphaned children are incredibly contagious.  As we got to know our new friends, our board, staff and volunteers prayed that God would clearly define what He would have us to do to be His hands and feet.  We have spent several months getting to know them, growing relationships and praying.
Their community currently has a water tank that collects rain water during the rainy season. This single tank only holds enough to provide 3 months of water during the 8-9 month dry season. We learned that they have run out of tank water and now must rely on cloudy, dirty water from a creek 3 kilometers away. After much prayer, we are so excited to know that the Lord would have NHFC be just a small piece of how He provides for these vulnerable children and their needs.


You can provide water for orphaned children in Africa by giving through NHFC’s Orphan Care Fund.  100% of the funds raised through the Orphan Care Fund will go towards purchasing and delivering the tangible needs of vulnerable children world wide.  Become part of the impact in Africa today, and join the NHFC family in prayer as we work together to provide for God’s children.