It’s so exciting that 2021 has been such a year of transformation. Aselin was able to get enough food, Rose was able to get the medical care and attention she needed, and Makysm was able to come for hosting. These are just a few of the many wonderful things happening with children involved with New Horizons for Children. Over 200 lives of orphaned and vulnerable children were touched by our programs this past year, despite the pandemic, and many others continued on in their story of transformation from hosting or support in years past. It’s been amazing to watch what God is doing in the hearts of these precious children and to share a part in that story.
As 2022 approaches, we are gettting ready for more opportunities to share the love of Jesus and the love of family with orphaned and vulnerable children. Your gift will help us…
      • Increase mission trips to Ukraine and Kenya
      • Provide emergency relief to our partner orphanage in Haiti to sustain them through the political and environmental crisis
      • Expand the trade school in Kenya to a second program as well as build a small store in the village to sell vegetables, water, and items from the trade school.
      • Pursue a new country for hosting children


At the end of 2020, we raised funds to support orphans aging out of care soon. Here are just a few of the updates from those projects:

Tailoring Trade School in Kenya – The school has been built, supplies furnished, and the first class started in May 2021. The girls are practicing on less expensive brown paper before working on fabrics.


Mechanics Trade School in Haiti – The apprentice shop was built and our mentor mechanic started training the boys in February. A few of the boys are now experienced enough to work their own jobs in the shop.


Online program for Aged Out host kids in Latvia – Two full 3 month programs were run with numerous online training courses and a weekly Bible Study.