Stuffing Suitcases for Souls

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Fill the suitcase, bless the soul As a part of New Horizons for Children’s very first Asian host program, we have the opportunity to bless the children of this orphanage in a very special way! We will be able to … Continued

Update From Latvia Interview Trip

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An update from Stephanie Norman who is currently in Latvia interviewing children for summer hosting! Stacey asked me Monday night if I could share about the trip and give her some blog material. I had to tell her that I … Continued

A Father’s Love

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The Stonick family in California is hosting Nastya from Ukraine. When I asked host mom Stephanie if she’d blog about Christmas with Nastya she replied that she felt she was being led to write about how her husband’s love had … Continued

Cardboard Promises Photo Project

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This could be REALLY powerful if everyone gets involved! The end result will be a video that NHFC creates using your photos.  All these photos of messages of HOPE will be pulled together into a video and it could be … Continued

Son of the King

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One of our winter host families shared a story with us yesterday and we just had to share it here as well! The Bohannon family in Georgia is hosting a teenage boy named Igor from Ukraine. Here’s their story: Igor is … Continued

Moments to Remember

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Our 21st hosting season is now underway and already memories are being made! Even though it’s only been a few days choosing a favorite memory proved challenging for many of our host families, luckily they managed to narrow it down … Continued

The Starfish

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Among the New Horizons staff, there is a well known poem about an old man who found a boy throwing washed up starfish back into the ocean. He continuously bends down to pick up another starfish one at a time … Continued

116 and Each One Matters

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116. One hundred sixteen. Just think about that number for a minute.  Think about ‘Hundreds Day’ when elementary school students need to collect 100 of one item to bring to school that day.  To celebrate the 100th day of school… … Continued

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

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This is a guest blog post by veteran host mom and Western/Central Great Lakes area Regional Coordinator, Marty Shoup. One of the “hang-ups” people have about orphan hosting is that they don’t think they can LOVE one of these kids. … Continued