Leaping…. together

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Post by guest blogger and host mom, Veldorah Rice Recently, I worked on a commercial shoot.  I love working in the film industry, and always look forward to the next gig. The thing is, most of the time, no one … Continued

Challenging the Ordinary Life

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Post by guest blogger and host mom, Lindsay Hill A year ago, today, I was a very different person. I struggled with fear and with what people thought about me.  I worried constantly about doing enough, being enough, finding enough … Continued

Christmas is Coming…

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It’s hard to believe, but Christmas is coming. Don’t think so? Just go to WalMart. The staff and volunteers of NHFC are elbow deep in the matching process for the upcoming winter hosting programs. We are now serving orphans from … Continued

Steps of Obedience

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post by guest blogger and host mom,  Lindsay Hill “WHO is on the other side of your obedience?” Nancy Alcorn Here is how some simple steps of obedience have impacted the lives of others: Our family signed up to host … Continued

Across an Ocean

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by guest blogger Veldorah Rice Every day at 10am, I find myself in a different online world. Facebook no longer matters…well, not the American version. I log into the version used in Soccerboy’s country. And then I wait. And wait. … Continued

A Boy, Bananas and the Joy of it All

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Written by guest blogger, Dorah Rice Yesterday, I went to the county fair with some good friends. While waiting for our boys to get off a ride, my friend’s 11-year-old daughter was entertaining us. Speaking with a spot-on Eastern European … Continued

Happy Father’s Day

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I’ve heard more than one wise person say, “Your perception of your Heavenly Father is greatly influenced by the experience you had with your earthly father.” I believe it to be a true statement in many ways. Countless abandoned children … Continued

Summer Hosting T-Shirt Orders

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Here is a great way to further support the mission of New Horizons For Children and help spread the word of what we do! The shirts are also what your host children will travel in both arriving to the USA … Continued

Willing Hearts For 336 Children

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It has been a frenzy of activity here at NHFC as we have reached the signup deadline for the Summer 2013 hosting season! Now that 4 months of signup, child matching, phones ringing off the hook, and a frenzy of … Continued