When you become an NHFC Change Maker, you choose to make a commitment to helping change the daily lives of

vulnerable children across the globe.  Change Makers are All In and committed to being the change this world desperately needs.

Will you be one of 50 Change Makers who will give $10, $25 or $50 a month to help continue to strengthen our mission so that, together, we can reach more hurting hearts?




Monthly Donation Options



Your gift will provide resources that children desperately need. As a Change Maker, you share The Truth with hearts that can only be mended with the love of Jesus. You provide clean water for children in Eastern Kenya praying for rain, VBS supplies for orphanages, funds for much needed medical procedures and so much more.  You also provide support for caregivers searching for resources that will help them encourage healing and growth.




Impact a life with the love of Christ every month this year and be inspired, involved and invested in the lives of children desperately in need of the unconditional love of a Savior.





Monthly Donation Options