What is Orphan Hosting?

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Extend your hand, open your home, share your heart with an orphaned child this year!

Christian families (like you!) can invite an orphaned child from Latvia or Ukraine to become a member of your family for a period of time.   We offer orphan hosting programs twice a year.  5-6 weeks in the summer (Late June – Early Aug.)  and 4-5 weeks over Christmas Holidays (Mid Dec. – Mid. Jan.).  Being included as a member of a family and receiving unconditional love gives an orphan HOPE for a better future. Learning they do have a Father, the same Father in heaven who loves us all, gives an orphan the promise they are never alone.

NHFC is the largest faith based orphan hosting organization in the USA.  Since 2002, thousands of orphans have been hosted through our ministry, matching orphaned children to Christian host families nationwide.  Typically about 600 children per year are served and growing!

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How Does it Work?

Four times a year, our mission team travels overseas to meet and interview children in their orphanages. A host family is able to select the orphan they would like to host through our password protected online photo listing which provides a recent photo and brief biography. Matching begins after each interview trip.

Hosting is open nationwide and ideal for Christian families with a heart for missions, but cannot travel overseas for a mission trip. In this case, we bring the mission into the family and local congregation.  Host families agree to help cover the cost of airfare and other incidentals and provide these children with an intimate view into life inside a family.

Many of these children have never had a positive family experience. They get a first hand glimpse of what healthy relationships can be! Some of these children have never experienced love in a healthy manner or been able to show affection. They also learn about hygiene, American culture, and they’re immersed in the English language! Their lives can be impacted greatly by their time in the U.S.A. and in your family.


Why is Orphan Hosting So Important?

This is a photo of one of our kids. The photo on the left was taken in the Children’s Home where he lives. The photo on the right was taken by his host family during his stay in America. Pictures speak so clearly of what a change this program makes.

Orphans usually feel left out, left behind and unworthy. Their self esteem is many times so low because they have been labeled in their home city by peers as “orphans”. After coming on our program for 4-5 weeks over Christmas holidays or during the summer months, most children learn as much English as they would typically learn in 4-5 semesters if taught at home in their school. This gives the children pride in themselves and helps boost their self esteem tremendously!

Receiving unconditional love and nurturing and being treated as a member of their host family who will usually maintain contact even after the child returns home to their orphanage. This gives them hope. Learning that they do have a Father, the same Father in Heaven that we all have…who loves us dearly and is always with us and lets them know they are never alone.


Are you Considering Hosting?

Matching is closed for Christmas please check back the 1st of February for summer hosting. Thank you!!!




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