When you give to NHFC, you make a lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable children. Your gift reaches children who may otherwise never learn of a loving Savior who cherishes them.


Hosting changes lives!  For over 15 years 1000s of children have been hosted through our program. Many have aged out but because of the connection with a host family are now responsible adults, and all of the children who have been hosted through our program have had their lives impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


I just wanted to give you an update on the connection we made with our
host daughter, Sasha, when we hosted her for Christmas 2015. We are so fortunate to continue to have contact with her and support her and all of her achievements. After we met and hosted Sasha for Christmas, she continued on with classes at the university and began a job with a private banking firm.

In September 2016 we arranged to bring her back to the USA for another visit with us because it was the first chance she had to come back after accruing vacation days from work. We paid for her ticket to come visit last fall for a week and made new memories with her. This amazing young lady just defended her bachelor’s thesis and graduated from college in June! We were blessed to travel to her country as a family so that we could be there to watch her graduation and celebrate all of her achievements. She was able to show us around her beautiful city and we were able to meet some of the caregivers that supported her over the years.

All of this has happened because NHFC was the doorway to connecting our family with her. NHFC’s team of volunteers and staff work so tirelessly to make God’s miracles happen all over the world. Thank you for all that you do and for all that NHFC does to be God’s hands and feet here on earth. We are so excited to see where God leads our connection with Sasha over the years to come. We will continue to pray for NHFC and the children and families who connect through your program.

The Gervais Family
Manlius, NY

This is our story of how Jesus & Santa showed up last Christmas.  On December 23 we found out that a host child near us was in need of a back up family.  One of the many ways NHFC supports families as they bring the mission field into their home is by providing a network of support.  Part of the network is having trained back up families ready to step in and host if the need arises.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, a host family was unable to continue hosting and a back up family was needed for a host child and the chaperone that was helping with the transition.  By Christmas Eve the situation had changed, and a placement was needed immediately.  For a few seconds I thought, “oh, we have plans.”  And then it me HARD.  Everyone was going to have plans, it was Christmas Eve. As I thought about how inconvenient the timing was, scripture (Matthew 25: 31-46) consumed my thoughts. Verse 43 especially, “I was a stranger and you did not invite me in”. God had my attention and as I looked at my Christmas tree. I thought about Mary and Joseph. It’s easy to think I wouldn’t have been the one to tell a pregnant stranger “we have no room”, I thought about them being told “no” “no” “no”. Had I been in Mary and Joseph’s path I would hope my response to their need would have been yes. Yet there I was in the path of an orphan who had a need at Christmas. The timing was clear to me, God was giving me the opportunity to answer my question. “What would I have said that Christmas long ago?” So I presented the situation along with my thoughts to my husband and he agreed; we had to say yes.

We gathered our 4 teens and told them what was happening.  The first one to speak up was our adopted son, “we have to help people.”  It was unanimous, we had to say yes to NHFC.  We had to say yes to a child.

We quickly started rearranging who was to sleep where, and at 6pm that Christmas eve our guest & her chaperone arrived. Thankfully the Christmas story includes a stable because with 8 people in the house I knew our space would quickly resemble something similar. Once everyone was settled my oldest daughter asked about Christmas gifts. I knew the previous host family had sent some gifts but I hadn’t looked at the bag. My daughter pulled the gifts out, placed them under the tree and realized the number did not compare well to what they would soon be opening themselves. She told me I needed to pull from their gifts and give some to our host child & her chaperone but I couldn’t remember what was in each box. It was after 9pm and my teen insisted we go shopping for our guests. I quickly wrote a Facebook post asking what was open in our small town and explained we had unexpected company. A friend said Dollar General closes at 10 so my husband and teen left. Meanwhile, another friend posted our need and people I don’t know offered to help. Families started sending their addresses telling us gifts would be by their door. My husband and daughter spent another hour driving from house to house retrieving the gifts each of those families had pulled out from under their own trees. Our host child and chaperone had gifts. New clothes with tags, scarves, nail polish, lotions, art supplies, purse, sunglasses, jewelry… All new and enough to fill a stocking too!

Our small town became Santa for our guests. We began wrapping and once everything was under the tree I climbed into bed realizing it was Christmas Day. My heart was full as I processed the night. NHFC needing a back up family on Christmas Eve didn’t seem like ideal timing but honestly no other time could have been more clear to me that we were to say “yes”. God knew!



Your gift will make a lasting impact on the life of a vulnerable child. Thank you for investing in the lives of the children and families that NHFC works to serve and supporting our commitment to the highest standard in international orphan hosting.


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