Not Fixed, But Changed

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“I change after America.” She tells me this in the midst of catching up on her life: her friends, her activities, where relationships stand. I am surprised. She puts on a tough exterior, this girl of mine.  Heavy matters are … Continued

At the End of the Rainbow

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This weekend, New Horizons for Children is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by filling up a pot of gold! There are still many children on our photolisting who have not been chosen for this summer’s hosting.  All of these children want … Continued

Why Host a Teen?

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If you are like most people, when you look at old family pictures, your eyes are drawn to the children.  Wedding pictures are always cuter with a scowling flowergirl sitting on a bride’s train; a vacation shot of a tiny … Continued

Give the Gift of Love

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Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love.  A day to tell your dear ones how much they mean to you.  A day to count the ways that they have changed your life. Not all of us have significant others, … Continued

Why Me?

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“Why you want me?” It was a question that surprised me, coming out of my confident and poised host daughter.  She is all spunk and light, and one of the greatest people-readers I’ve ever met.  And yet here she was, … Continued

Step Out Onto The Ice

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Today our interview team took a risk and walked out onto the ice of a frozen lake. We thought it was risky to step onto that lake. That first step was hard. It took courage, and it forced us to … Continued

Leaping…. together

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Post by guest blogger and host mom, Veldorah Rice Recently, I worked on a commercial shoot.  I love working in the film industry, and always look forward to the next gig. The thing is, most of the time, no one … Continued

Challenging the Ordinary Life

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Post by guest blogger and host mom, Lindsay Hill A year ago, today, I was a very different person. I struggled with fear and with what people thought about me.  I worried constantly about doing enough, being enough, finding enough … Continued

Christmas is Coming…

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It’s hard to believe, but Christmas is coming. Don’t think so? Just go to WalMart. The staff and volunteers of NHFC are elbow deep in the matching process for the upcoming winter hosting programs. We are now serving orphans from … Continued