New Horizons For Children exists so orphaned children will be hosted in Christian homes to experience the love of God and the love of family, and be connected to a family for ongoing emotional and spiritual support.



Please fill in all of the the fields in the form below to ensure access to the photo listing as quickly as possible.  The photolisting will be live starting near the end of August with children from Latvia. Additional children from Ukraine will be added mid-September once we complete that interview trip. You may request access now and it will be forwarded to you once it is released in late August.

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If you later apply to host you will be asked to commit to regular church attendance, family prayer, and agreement with our statement of faith (which you can view by clicking here).  In addition, in order to host one parent must be with the child at all times.  If both parents work outside the home, you will need to arrange vacation times, etc. to be with the host child.  Please select yes to indicate that you agree to meet these requirements:

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